A Technology Management Consulting Group

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MIG offers a full range of managed services, including Virtual Server Hosting, Data Backup Services, IT infrastructure management, managed customer IT environments, and on-site or remotely managed data storage and protection services. We offer these services in our managed data center or at your location.

Routine expert maintenance will keep your servers, desktops and networks up and running, so you organization minimize downtime and maximize productivity. Problems are responded to quickly, remotely or on-site. Your systems are protected, secure and available when you need them most, so your employees stay productive.

MIG utilizes a scalable portfolio of managed services to enable business continuity, disaster recovery, and operational efficiency, thereby addressing every customer's unique requirements.

In addition, MIG offers the following managed services:

MIG provides Proactive Server and Desktop Management as part of our service offering. Through a secure connection we are able to proactively update, backup, and manage all of our clients' computers and servers. This allows us to monitor and fix problems before they arise. If a problem does occur our team can spot issues and resolve them before they become unmanageable. You can rest assured knowing your vital data and IT systems are being monitored and protected 24/7.

At MIG, we have a full staffed NOC (Network Operations Center) that monitors, troubleshoots and escalates alerts on issues that may arise from your network. Through our remote monitoring services and managed email protection, every aspect of your network and servers is monitored and issues can be spotted and fixed remotely before you're even aware of it. Our highly trained engineers monitoring your networks' vital signs at all times of the day so that your systems stay up and you can concentrate on your business.

When issues and problems arise you can lose valuable time and money waiting for computers, servers and other hardware to be fixed. But with MIG remote server and desktop support we can fix most problems remotely even while you're on the phone with us. As part of our ACC service when you have an issue simply call us and we can remotely login and fix the issue you have, without the time, expense and hassle of having to wait for a support person to arrive. Just another benefit of MIG service.

When issues cannot be fixed remotely or you just need to see an MIG technician face to face, we also offer onsite support in 20 major cities throughout the US. You get a local team of experts you can count who can come to your office if you need help with an IT issue. And we never outsource our work so you always get a top certified MIG IT expert to meet with you. With MIG you get the option and convenience of getting remote help or the personal touch of on-site support.

At MIG we make it easy for you to talk with us. Whether you want to schedule an onsite visit, submit and track a help ticket or view account information you can do it all on our online Client Portal. With this intuitive online system getting in touch with your dedicated MIG team is easier than ever. We give you the choice to call us, email us or contact us via your own online client portal. Keep track of your billing, view progress on your IT requests and keep all pertinent IT information all at one convenient location.

MIG can also help you with all your IT related projects. Need a new Microsoft Exchange Server installed or have you been hearing about the benefits of virtualization and are looking to install a VMware solution? We have experts in all major technologies and if you need help with a specific technology, we have the right expert to quickly and affordably take care of whatever project you may have.

For businesses, change is something that can be a constant, whether it's rapid growth or times when you need to tighten the belt and downsize. We can provide you with staff augmentation services during either of these times. We can assist with help desk or end user support; network, server and infrastructure administration; and project management or implementation.

During a staff augmentation engagement, the client is responsible for managing the project to which the consultant is assigned. Therefore, MIG "deliverable" under a staff aug arrangement is the consultant.

When a staff augmentation engagement draws thirty days of the planned end date, MIG works with the client to determine if the engagement requires an extension. If an extension is required, a second Work Order is executed in to document the extension and establish a revised end date. When staff aug extensions are under consideration, the client has the first option on extending the services of the individual consultant. This enables the client to achieve a level of continuity and leverage the environmental knowledge that the consultant has developed.

The types of technical and professional expertise available through MIG’s staff augmentation services are quite extensive. The following list illustrates the areas of expertise available through staff augmentation.

  • Application Project Manager
  • Enterprise Project Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Senior Business Analyst
  • Principal Analyst
  • Search Engine Optimization Architect
  • Data Base Administrator
  • Senior Data Base Administrator
  • Senior Graphic Designer
  • Web Application Developer
  • Senior Web Application Developer
  • Web Application Architect