A Technology Management Consulting Group

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Website development and design services comprise a major portion of the MIG services. Regardless of the scope of the website: a marketing and informational site or a complex site serving as the foundation for a complex Web based application, MIG uses a wide range of technical platforms to fulfill client needs. MIG couples this broad technical expertise with highly structured project management methodologies to develop Websites that provide the client with measurable results.

MIG range of services in this arena enables us to function as a full service, business website development company. Beginning with a conceptual design, our graphic artists develop visually appealing user interfaces and templates. These are specifically designed to draw users to the website or website application and keep them there. Once the user interface design is complete, MIG uses a wide array of website development technologies to perform the actual construction and deployment of the website.

Our staff designers and analysts at MIG work with the client to identify business requirements, audience analysis, presentation goals and branding strategy. Based on this research and understanding, multiple design concepts are created for the client to review, brainstorm, modify and approve.

From design to construction, MIG offers a broad range of skills. Our designers are highly experienced with industry-standard design tools, including Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver. Our developer skill sets include Java, JSP and .Net. Our database administrators design, develop and support Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 and more. We recommend platforms, languages and databases based on a client’s business requirements, not on vendor preferences.

Here is a partial list of our web development tools:

• Open Source J2EE
• Microsoft .Net, SharePoint Portal
• Macromedia Cold Fusion
• Oracle Database
• Microsoft SQL Server
• Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

MIG has extensive experience in designing, developing and maintaining internet-based applications in a wide variety of technologies.

A key differentiator for MIG is our methodologies. This provides our clients with a strong foundation for consistent, repeatable success, as well as continual improvement of our processes.

Our systems development methodology is foundational to our success. It provides a wide range of tools, templates and process support for our client’s application development initiatives. While many organizations have implemented processes that assist them with project-related tasks, MIG has a unique path through our methodology specifically tailored for application maintenance. We strongly feel that a disciplined approach to application maintenance is critical to our success. Use of these processes has also been proven to reduce maintenance expenses over time, while improving application stability and reliability. They have also contributed to reductions in the cost to support our client’s applications.

As a full-service Web Site Services provider, MIG will implement and host the infrastructure required to support your organization at MIG’s Data center. This facility has the components to provide a secure, managed operation and the skilled personnel to manage it on a 24 by 7 basis.

The servers and web sites are monitored on a 24 by 7 basis to measure performance and to insure optimum utilization. Escalation procedures are defined in the event that thresholds are exceeded. An incremental data backup is performed (per request) on a nightly basis and a full backup is performed on a weekly basis. Backups are secured and tapes are sent offsite.

MIG establishes Service Level Agreements with each of its clients to measure our performance to stated objectives. These Service Level Agreements are tracked and reported to the client on a monthly basis.

Each client is provided with the following monthly reports:

  • Web traffic reporting – provides a summary of the number of visitors and the most visited pages.
  • URL Latency – Graph depicting the responsiveness from locations within the United States.