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Our initial business keyword analysis includes an overview of how search engines currently view your site, where they rank it, and how your competitors rank to you in similar keyword categories. Our custom SEO tools then help us create keywords to better target your intended audience increasing your page ranking and website visibility. Next we help your business identify the best potential keywords and fine-tune your site to receive the highest page rank while utilizing the keywords.

Results are the driving force behind Internet marketing. Our weekly reports show you exactly how our SEO tools and processes have improved your e-Business. Our custom reports let you quickly compare your rank with your leading competitors, track your search engine status, and find where you stand with all of the major search engines.

Virtually every major search engine offers a 'pay for submission' tool allowing you to buy traffic from all of the different search engines. Clarity equips your company with the tools needed to maximize your ROI with every dollar spent on Internet marketing. We help you turn your investments into results.

We offer effective, easy to use tools that easily and accurately track your Search Engine Management (SEM) results and expenditures. The weekly reports that you receive from Artemis break down the most important aspects of your SEM campaign and allow you to easily compare it with previous results!

Analytics are a precise break down of visitors to your website, the content they reach, and the way that they found the content. Tracking your website visitors is just as important as gaining new visitors. Finding out just how many visits translate into a sale. Where your visitors are coming from, and which visitors are turning into customers. We use this data to help develop a more effective website.

Traffic: Traffic is the driving force behind every website. Without users visiting your website you can not turn visitors into clients. Our analytic tools allow you to easily compare your weekly traffic with previous weeks, months, and even your competitors!

Search Engines: Our comprehensive analytical tools help you determine exactly how visitors are finding your website, where are they coming from, and what are different ways to attract more users! Our weekly reports give you a brief overview of the top search engines, top referring sites, and keywords users are searching for to find your website.

E-mail is increasingly becoming the preferred means of communication, with this trend more and more e-mail is being marked as spam or simply tuned out. Don't let your e-mail campaign go to waste! Clarity provides powerful e-mail tools to maximize every message that you send out, and ensure that e-mails are ending up in the users inbox, not spam box!

Our powerful templates let you 'set it and forget it' we create templates that your marketing department can use to send out newsletters and marketing announcements easily and quickly saving both time and money! Our custom interface is simple to use, and easy to manage. It is all web based allowing users to log in from any computer with an internet connection!

Our tools don't stop when you send out the email. Our advance tracking lets you know how many messages are actually received, and the amount of users that are actually clicking and reading the emails! These tools help you better target your emails to increase repeat visits and repeat customers! Only pay for what you use! You shouldn't have to pay for something that you won't use! That is why our pricing structure is setup so that you only pay for the emails you send, allowing you to once again maximize your marketing dollars!

Pay-per-Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are very closely related and not mutually exclusive. Both PPC and SEO have different goals and investment profiles and present the client with a number on Internet marketing options. When used in tandem, SEO and PPC can bring the client dramatic improvements in their Internet marketing results.

PPC allows the client to choose certain key search phrases and build a search engine marketing campaign around them. PPC campaigns can easily be designed and timed to align with other advertising or promotional events and give the client the opportunity to achieve mutual support of each campaign.

The critical components of a successful PPC campaign include the following:

1. Identification of the most cost-effective search phrases
2. Defining a PPC campaign budget and bidding strategy
3. Establishing a "sticky" landing page that leverages the optimum blend of visual appeal and informational content to draw the searcher deeper into the site

The essence of the PPC campaign is the selection of the appropriate search phrases. MIG’s PPC campaign management approach begins with a comprehensive Internet search engine traffic analysis. The goals of the analysis are twofold: identify the search phrases that offer the best blend of Keyword Effectiveness, and develop information to support the appropriate bidding strategy. MIG’s PPC campaign management engagements have all leveraged this initial traffic analysis to the clients’ benefit.

Once the search phrases are identified and the relative costs identified and considered, MIG assists the client in the PPC campaign budget definition. The definition of the budget takes into account the following considerations:

1. PPC campaign duration
2. Coordination with other promotions
3. Desired Cost-per-Conversion
4. Budget Burn Rate – should spending limits be set on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis?

Once the financial aspects of the PPC campaign are decided upon, MIG and the client turn their attention to the all important Landing Page. In many cases the overall success of the PPC campaign depends on the time and funding dedicated to the Landing Page characteristics.

MIG’s PPC campaign management engagements have typically involved varying degrees of Landing Page manipulation. The most effective PPC campaigns include a high degree of Landing Page manipulation and usually include a certain amount of “A/B Testing” to identify the optimal Landing Page design.

Utilizing the A/B Testing method means that the visual characteristics and verbal content are changed over time to determine which combination of design variables leads to the most search engine traffic and visitor conversions. The changes are done in a very controlled manner and their results are thoroughly analyzed.

The testing periods can vary, depending on the duration of the overall PPC campaign. Longer PPC campaigns give the client the opportunity to undertake extensive A/B Testing, and thereby achieve a high level of both search engine traffic and visitor conversions.

Changes to the Landing Page can be very subtle, yet result in significant swings in hit rate and visitor conversions.

Internet Marketing MIG uses effective online solutions to market your business and more importantly give you reliable data on your results.

  • Are you frustrated with the results from traditional advertising methods such as Yellow Page ads and direct mailing?
  • Can you accurately measure the return on your advertising investment?
  • Is your website consistently generating new leads for your business?